Article for Rife Magazine: The Big Adventure Games Revival

Full Throttle, 1995

‘Full Throttle’ is still one of my favourite games. I installed the thing when I was eight years old, pushing my rudimentary understanding of computers beyond its limit just to get it to run. After a long while the speakers began fizzing with the sound of a low, sustained ‘E’ note as a blue and grey sky burst into view, its clouds menacingly still. Ben, the leader of a biker gang is framed for murder.

It’s a dynamic and gritty start to a game, and it might therefore seem jarring to note that Full Throttle isn’t an action game or a shooter, but a point-and-click adventure game. You navigate Ben through a moody post-apocalyptic American desert full of darkly comic characters, with your mouse, and it’s utterly brilliant. I was an eight-year-old wisecracking Hell’s Angel tasked with solving bizarro lateral thinking problems, talking my way out of awkward situations, and pushing people off their bikes.

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